ELLEWIN Unisex Baseball Cap UPF 50 Unstructured Hat with Foldable Long Large Bill Type C

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Size: M/L/XL
Materials: Nylon
• Passed UPF 50+ Test, Nylon Quick Dry Fabrics
• Foldable into Small Volume;
• 6 Air Breathable Holes;
• Adjustable Strap Available for Different Head Size;
• Suitable for Outdoor Activities.



  • ❀SUPERIOR SUN BLOCKING: Material passed UPF 50+ test which is real UV protective. Combined with Wide and Long Visor Design, Your Head, Face, Nose and Front Neck can be well covered. It protects you from sun burn better. Great choice for regular daily use and outdoor activities especially like bush walking, fishing,running,hitch-hike travel, outdoor research,baseball,cycling, golf, tennis.
  • ❀PORTABLE&QUICK DRY:The cap crown is unstructured.Combine with 3-panel bill design, this hat can be folded and fit into any pocket or pack. You can take it with you to everywhere and will not occupy too much space. This hat can also dry out very fast after washing. Both features bring you a lot of convenience during use.
  • ❀BREATHABLE&WATER RESISTANT:Moisture absorption and sweat discharge feature can keep your head dry and comfortable . Extra mesh design enhance breathability. It’s waterproof feature can  temporarily help you out if you are caught up with the rain.
  • ❀COMFORTABLE& ADJUSTABLE: Inside sweat band is very soft and cozy. The back closure is combined with stretch strap and snap in buckle. Flexible strap can fit your head girth better and offer you a custom fit. You will not feel too tight or too loose. And you only need to adjust the size once and for ever.It is also more durable and comfortable than Snap-back closure.
  • ❀ONE SIZE FITS ALL–Numeric Size:6-3/4”-7-5/8” For head circumference:21-1/4’’-24”(54-61cm). The brim is 3-5/8 inch in length. 


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c-black, c-grey, c-khaki, c-light-grey

ELLEWIN Unisex Baseball Cap UPF 50 Unstructured Hat with Foldable Long Large Bill Type C 有 47 个评价

  1. 评分 5 / 5

    dcv (验证用户)

    Unfold and wear. Looks good, well ventilated and does a good job of blocking the sun from my eyes. Fold up and putt away.

  2. 评分 5 / 5

    Amazon Customer (验证用户)

    Perfect fit and looks great!. Bought it for my husband for the UV protection when out in the sun.

  3. 评分 5 / 5

    natmetal (验证用户)

    Great hat

  4. 评分 5 / 5

    B. Witt (验证用户)

    Very nice. Pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to carry with you.

  5. 评分 5 / 5

    Keri Roberts (验证用户)

    I burn very easily, this helps keep my face and scalp protected from the sun. Great product.

  6. 评分 5 / 5

    A buyer (验证用户)

    The product is great! For someone just getting into a healthy lifestyle, it is a wonderful choice buying this cap safety during summer months.

  7. 评分 5 / 5

    Steph (验证用户)

    Great product. Thank you. Love that it folds for easy carrying when not in use.

  8. 评分 4 / 5

    MFord (验证用户)

    Cool design. Like the packable feature. Will go in my golf bag.

  9. 评分 5 / 5

    JanaSews (验证用户)

    love the longer bill.

  10. 评分 5 / 5

    Pungo Wookie (验证用户)

    Great hat. When I ordered I never noticed the fact that the bill is divided in three parts and folds flat but still retains a nice curved shape when worn. I will probably be buying another soon.

  11. 评分 4 / 5

    golfer girl (验证用户)

    Will be using his hat while golfing to shade my face more. Should be cooler than baseball type caps..

  12. 评分 4 / 5

    Linda L. Blazek (验证用户)

    This was a birthday gift for my husband. It arrived on the day of his birthday, although indications were that it would come a day later. Good deal. From the photo, he expected the bill of the cap to be broader to cover the side of his face a little more. We like the foldable styling, and hope it serves him for many years.

  13. 评分 4 / 5

    Scott Robinson (验证用户)

    Nice hat with good service.

  14. 评分 4 / 5

    Mamazon (验证用户)

    Great cap. Stylish and easy to carry. I love it and will buy another color. But it is a little bit loose for me – female middle sized.

  15. 评分 5 / 5

    Amazon Customer (验证用户)

    It’s works great all day. Thank you

  16. 评分 4 / 5

    Sam jr (验证用户)

    Nice material. Folds for pocket and carry

  17. 评分 5 / 5

    Myron Roth (验证用户)

    Like the longer lid. Good sun protection.

  18. 评分 5 / 5

    D (验证用户)

    Comfortable hat, stays surprisingly cool thanks to lightweight material, easy to fold up & stuff in a pocket.

  19. 评分 4 / 5

    jeffery lyons (验证用户)


  20. 评分 5 / 5

    Yes No Maybe (验证用户)

    Yes! Score one for me! My brother in law wanted one of these! Just dunk it in water and wring it out. It won’t wrinkle. The water evaporates and the person underneath the hat stays nice and cool! PLUS it has SPF 50 for you sexy bald guys! Now go do the lawn or go for a bike ride! There’s no excuse…even in Florida! Except take a bottle of water with you for your innards.

  21. 评分 5 / 5

    amew (验证用户)

    Other than being a little large, my husband enjoyed having his face shaded and not sweating under a heavier hat

  22. 评分 5 / 5

    Gabe (验证用户)

    Used it several times, fits perfectly and vents nicely.

  23. 评分 4 / 5

    Supercar (验证用户)

    Bill a bit long but good travel hat.

  24. 评分 4 / 5

    Dave Bourgeois (验证用户)

    Getting used to it takes time. I like the long brim for that extra shade. Very comfortable

  25. 评分 5 / 5

    Dwbid42 (验证用户)

    This cap fits good and I have a large head. The bill is longer than on most baseball caps and really does a good job keeping the sun out of your my and off my face. I had spent a lot of time outdoors recently because the weather was nice and managed to get my face, neck and the top my head sunburned. Sunscreen will take care of my face etc and this cap will protect the top of my head.

  26. 评分 4 / 5

    Newman (验证用户)

    want to use this hat for water aerobics. I think i have it adjusted enough to stay put, we shall see. It feels very comfortable on, better than regular caps for sure. Wish the bill were a bit longer for odd angle sun protection when driving. Overall it is a quality hat but haven’t put it through its paces yet so four stars.

  27. 评分 5 / 5

    Anthony Roberts (验证用户)

    Nice hat , comfortable and cool, handles the Florida heat just fine

  28. 评分 5 / 5

    Charlestownchief (验证用户)

    Great summer cap especially for outdoor exercising. Light fabric and foldable.

  29. 评分 5 / 5


    Great, awesome product. REALLY! I love when you fold it and put it in your pocket.

  30. 评分 5 / 5

    notafakereview (验证用户)

    great hat for the price, lightweight , long bill to keep sun off and folds

  31. 评分 5 / 5

    Andrey (验证用户)

    May be visor too big but I understand this is for frotection from sun and rain Use it for running in rain – great

  32. 评分 5 / 5

    NeilCC (验证用户)

    Very nice hat, fits perfectly, priced right and fast shipping!

  33. 评分 5 / 5

    Ermin (验证用户)

    Great cap, fits many sizes, very light.

  34. 评分 5 / 5

    kindlemeister (验证用户)

    Very nice cap.

  35. 评分 5 / 5

    RollerCoffee (验证用户)

    Fantastic hat. For unknown reasons this color fits better than black version. I have 3 of these hats and get compliments on them all the time. They hold up in the wash, but the fabric under the brim will shrink a bit if you use extreme wash settings. 🙂

  36. 评分 5 / 5

    RP (验证用户)

    Whenever we go on vacation, I love blowing a little money on something travel related. In the past I had used a carabiner to clip my hat onto my day pack, and honestly this worked great. But, since I was already thinking about getting a quick-dry ‘airy’ hat, I decided to go with this one. The long visor was actually really nice and the folding brim meant I could easily put the hat in my pocket or in the water-bottle-holder that is on the outside of my day-pack. Apparently there is now a “metal clip” version, but the plastic clip I got seems A-Ok.

  37. 评分 5 / 5

    Amazon Customer (验证用户)

    Lightweight and folds up and slides into pocket or purse.

  38. 评分 5 / 5

    Joseph (验证用户)

    Fits and adjusts nicely. I love hw it folds and packs away for traveling.

  39. 评分 5 / 5

    nytowl (验证用户)

    Just what I needed to replace a very worn hat with a similar closure (just a happy coincidence). Adjustable closure in great because I can open it, gather my hair in the back and close it under my hair to keep it pulled back like a pony tail and keep it off my neck. We travel to theme parks and sometime need to remove hat for indoor venues. The stiffer hats are sometimes difficult to compress in our backpack and impossible to tuck in a pocket. This is ideal.

  40. 评分 5 / 5

    Colin K. (验证用户)

    If you hate the button on top of baseball caps and most hats are kind of tight on you, then this is the answer. Being bald, that button on baseball caps is very painful whenever bumped against anything. This hat is very comfortable. The long visor is god too, although I have to where the hat further back on my head than usual to get the visor out of line of sight.

  41. 评分 4 / 5

    J. Fiene (验证用户)

    Not quite as good as the under armour or some other brands but, good relative to price

  42. 评分 4 / 5

    marc b. clarke (验证用户)

    brim perfect!

  43. 评分 5 / 5

    None (验证用户)

    Adjustable to fit all head sizes and types. I’m a woman who usually looks terrible in any baseball type cap. But this one is a winner! Love that the bill folds in thirds for stuffing in pockets or purse.

  44. 评分 4 / 5

    Daniel Ray Burchfield (验证用户)

    Only complaint was that the delivery stated item was left at front door; however, the package was on the ground at our mailbox some 1000 ft from our front door. Product is fine.

  45. 评分 5 / 5

    frank weast (验证用户)

    Like it. Blocks UV rays great

  46. 评分 5 / 5

    Sheridan Ledbetter (验证用户)

    Looks good. Feels nice. Folds and unfolds to look just like it was never folded.

  47. 评分 5 / 5

    Audrey (验证用户)

    Boyfriend really liked this hat, loves the ease of transport, the bill isn’t too long and the material is comfortable. The verdict is yet to be out on if it protects his bald head from the sun but I’m hoping it will!


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